Ripple - Dissolvable THC offers you the best way to quiet the buzzing anxieties of life - your way. It is a natural complement to any beverage or food. Mix it in, and mix it up.

What is Ripple - Dissolvable THC?

THC is an oil, and as the saying goes, oil and water don’t mix. Ripple - Dissolvable THC is a proprietary blend of food-grade ingredients and emulsifiers that allows our whole-plant extracts to dissolve cleanly into water. No oil slicks, no “green” taste, and no calories.

Did you say Ripple "packet"?

Each container of Ripple - Dissolvable THC is filled with ten packets that can be easily opened and poured. Use as much or little as you wish. Don't want an entire dose? Use half the packet. Looking for a little more adventure for an afternoon? Use two packets. Ripple allows you to be in control and to make the perfect edible for every occasion.

Why Ripple?

Firstly, with Ripple - Dissolvable THC you have the power of CHOICE. Now you don't have to settle for the edibles in a dispensary because your favorite foods and beverages can be infused. Secondly, with water-soluble THC you get faster-acting products with higher bio-availability. Basically, Ripple - Dissolvable THC is the best of all worlds.