I work from home, and after a long day it’s great to be able to brew some tea in the afternoon to relax me. It’s just the right amount to feel uplifted but not weighed down and too high.


I like the natural flavor and that there are no added calories or preservatives, only goodness and love! I think my favorite way to Ripple is to add Ripple to my green juice in the morning, while listening to hip hop.

Shelly J.G. - Twister Sister Yoga

I love tea, my cabinets are full of different varieties! But lately, I’ve been reaching for Stillwater each time I brew a cup. I love the way it makes me feel and the different doses it offers. It has great flavors (bonus is it’s ethically sourced and organic tea) and I love the consistent effect every time I drink it! Stillwater always makes me smile!


As a full full-time employee with fibromyalgia, Ripple has helped me manage chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. Not having to smoke or eat chocolate to get the benefits of marijuana has been a game changer, so much so that I am no longer taking any pharmaceuticals for my disease — I’m a forever fan of Stillwater products!


Using Stillwater daily allows me to maintain a clear head to work, while eliminating my back pain and helping with symptoms of my PTSD with each dose. I can live my life the way I deserve, the life I’ve always wanted, because Stillwater products work immediately, are easy to dose and have no side effects! Thank you for being the product that works EVERY TIME! 

Anastasia B - Age 27

There are a few reasons why I LOVE Stillwater’s Ripple. Not only is it an inconspicuous and convenient way to get elevated on the go or on the low, but I know with each packet I will get consistently and pleasantly high. While the 10mg packets are ideal before a run or workout, the CBD 1:1 Ripple is what I reach for as soon as I feel anxiety creeping in. Within 20 minutes after mixing it in with a drink or sprinkling it on a cookie, my day is immediately better and I am more able to tackle the issues or to-do lists that were causing me anxiety in the first place. The CBD 1:1 Ripple is a must try for those dealing with pain or the stressors of everyday life.

Lia A - Canna Coach - Age 28

Amazing! I enjoy the Stillwater Tea in the morning. A calm, relaxing way to start the day … with a yummy kick. They are extremely easy to use, convenient for on the go, steady potency, and they absolutely taste delicious! They are a must have for ANY tea lover or someone in need of some tasty serenity!

Sarah S - Age 28

For pain and sleep, my edible of choice is “Ripple” by Stillwater Brands. The 5mg water soluble packets with 1 to 1 CBD to THC helps with pain and sleep. I do not need to consume every day – sometimes only 3 days per week. I usually put it in my evening glass of almond milk. No more unknowns for me.

Terry S - Age 65

Thank you for your product! I am pretty sure I am your target market – I wanted to gradually try cannabis without hurting my lungs or getting totally stoned without meaning to. I started with your Stillwater Tea, and now love the Ripple packets as well. This is a fantastic product because I can control the dose and it helps with stress, anxiety, and pain. Plus, I’m just drinking tea! Rad! Thank you!

Rachel S

I spent the better part of a day researching and calling dispensaries to find something I could use on a very strict diet … after having zero luck, I went to my regular dispensary where there was a promotion for Ripple. The universe aligned and I found exactly what I was looking for. The product is amazing and I highly recommend it!

Trina B - Age 44

I sampled the green, peppermint, and black tea while on a yoga retreat last November and haven’t been able to find anything quite like it in CA. I found this product to work wonders on my anxiety and pain. It is what actually prompted me to obtain my card, but now I’m having a hard time finding something similar. Still nothing quite as perfect for me as the Stillwater Tea!

Kelli B

I love Stillwater Tea, especially the peppermint. It relaxes me and helps me fall asleep and stay asleep without any drowsiness the next morning. I prefer the low dose (2.5 mg) because I don’t want to get high just feel mellow and relaxed.

Judy L - Age 63

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