By enriching premium tea leaves with a consistent dose of natural marijuana extract, Whitewater offers you the best way to make life an adventure. Whether you’re at your desk or kitchen table, Whitewater teas are a natural complement to what makes you feel good, free of guilt, judgment, or fuss. It’s the best of marijuana, helping to bring out the best in you.

What is Ripple Dissolvable THC?

THC and CBD are oils, and as the saying goes, oil and water don’t mix. Ripple is a proprietary blend of food-grade emulsifiers and surfactants that allows our whole-plant extracts to dissolve cleanly into water. Specifically, Ripple - Dissolvable THC is our version of Ripple that contains 10mg of THC per packet. No oil slicks, no “green” taste, and no calories — just a great-tasting organic tea with amazing functional benefits.

Did you say "tea stick"?

We sure did. Think of a tea stick as a disposable infuser. Water reaches the tea through hundreds of perforations, resulting in a fresh taste free from any papery bag flavor.

How long should I steep the tea stick?

As long as you would steep any other mint, green, or black tea. Each stick is infused with precisely 10 mg of water-soluble THC. No more. No less. When you place the tea stick into hot water, the Ripple dissolves, leaving you with a perfectly potent cup.

Why tea?

Like marijuana, tea’s medicinal properties have been known for generations. Healthy, natural, socially accepted, and immensely popular, tea is the perfect vehicle to carry the functional benefits of THC to the uninitiated.