Stillwater teas help you manage the small stresses of a hectic life. No judgment. No hassle.

We infuse the highest quality organic teas with just 2.5mg of our patent-pending THC2O. This light touch of water-soluble THC is designed to relax, not intoxicate, so you can enjoy the best parts of your day without worrying about the worst. Live a less anxious, more fulfilling life. Quiet your mind, sharpen your focus, and let the best in marijuana bring out the best in you.


Our teas are organic, calorie free, and delicious. With Stillwater teas you get the premium, great tasting tea you deserve and the functional benefit of a light touch of marijuana. Whether you’re at your desk or kitchen table, Stillwater teas are a natural complement to your routine.

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We exist to help you manage your daily stress – without worrying about the effects of smoking, alcohol, or pharmaceuticals. With our ultra-low dose marijuana-infused teas, we strive to help you responsibly ease your pains and worries without tiring your body or mind. Still want to learn more?

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Stillwater, Whitewater, and Ripple are available throughout the greater Denver and Boulder areas. If your local dispensary doesn’t carry our products, let them know they should!

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