Senior Process Chemist

Job Title: Senior Process Chemist
Reports to: Director of R&D
Classification: Exempt
Department: QCFS
Date: 5/15/2019
Business: Stillwater Ingredients

About Stillwater:

Stillwater ( is a food company bringing safe and standardized soluble cannabinoids to consumers and manufacturers alike. We believe that cannabinoids, especially non-psychoactive compounds like CBD, will soon become a major new category of functional food and beverage ingredients to rival probiotics. The company was founded in 2014 when our CEO’s grandmother asked him to get her a pot brownie. Realizing that grandma cared more about feeling better than getting stoned, our founders set out to develop functional cannabinoid-infused food and beverage products that alleviated the aches and anxieties of everyday life without tipping people into unwanted intoxication or forcing them to self-identify as “drug users.”

Five years later, our company encompasses three distinct business lines: (1) direct-to-consumer sales of THC-infused edibles in Colorado; (2) business-to-business sales of soluble hemp-derived CBD ingredients to food, beverage, and cosmetic manufacturers; and (3) direct-to-consumer sales of hemp-derived CBD-infused products nationwide.

About Stillwater Ingredients
Our ingredients division is the leading provider of soluble cannabinoid ingredients to food, beverage, and cosmetic companies today. We believe that cannabinoids, especially non-psychoactive compounds like CBD, will soon become a major new category of functional food and beverage ingredients to rival probiotics, and we are leading the charge.

About the Job
We are looking for a Senior Process Chemist to expand our existing in-house analytical capabilities to increase process control, production quality verification and further our in-depth, product application knowledge. The role offers significant growth opportunities and diverse work experience.

What you’ll be responsible for:

Test and verify production quality -
• Accurate and timely quality control testing required for product release and COA creation.
• Testing of critical inbound raw materials for analytical conformance.
• Assure the quality of laboratory services provided meet the strict company standards.
• Manage internal and external testing programs.

Fundamental Research -
• Create studies designed to monitor product stability for existing products and key client’s new products. Verifying data against acceptance criteria, such as cannabinoid profile.
• Develop basic test methods to apply and control for production quality.  Testing methods to be developed include product viscosity, density measurement, solubility rates, moisture measurement, oxidation potential, and powder flowability.
• Determination of product stability after undergoing exposure to accelerated shelf life testing conditions.
• Imaging and measurement of oil in water food emulsions.
• Identify and work with key research institutes for in-depth problem solving and new product creation.

Lab process and Accreditation -
• Prepare samples, media, and, calibration/quality control standards.
• Operate HPLC for data analysis of the prepared sample. Provide quality data for critical and time sensitive samples.
• Utilize chromatography software to analyze and report data.
• Participate in HPLC calibration, maintenance, and repair.
• Maintain analytical quality control processes and procedures designed to ensure that the results of laboratory analysis are consistent, comparable, accurate and within specified limits of precision.
• Maintain good laboratory document control, assuring proper records of reagents, standards, supplies, and samples.
• Prepare and update standard operating procedures as necessary for laboratory procedures.
• Organization and maintenance of Laboratory Q.A., safety, and GMP/GLP compliance documents.

What we’ll love about you:
• A process-oriented problem solver who can manage complex situations without panicking
• A team player with a distaste for mercenaries
• An organized, proactive nature that loves building systems and tools
• An emotionally mature adult who prefers to work with other emotionally mature adults
• An inquisitive, curious nature that views ignorance as an opportunity to learn or teach
• A willingness to admit error quickly and move immediately on to improvement
• A clear communicator in any format
• Excellent time management skills

What you’ll love about us:
• A fast-growing company with a deep belief in the value of developing talent internally from within
• A group of sane, rational executives who try their best to be decent human beings
• An environment where fire drills are the exception, not the norm
• We offer flexible PTO for all full-time employees
• We pay competitive salaries for all roles. For full-time employees, we also cover 100% of your healthcare premium
• For more details on the culture we foster, visit:

• Strong academic background with a minimum of a B.S. in physical or life sciences
• Minimum of 5 years of related laboratory work experience
• Experience in analytical method development, validation, and optimization
• Be scientifically astute and creative for product and process development
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Work well in a manufacturing environment
• Be hands-on and effectively wear many hats
• Work independently while working in a team environment to achieve common goals
• Effectively represent Stillwater to outside clients (i.e. technical business development).

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