Account Manager

Job Title: Account Manager
Reports to: Director of Ingredients
Classification: Exempt
Department: Sales
Date: 5/28/2019
Business: Stillwater Ingredients

About Stillwater
Stillwater ( was founded in 2014 when our CEO’s grandmother asked him to get her a pot brownie. Realizing that grandma cared more about feeling better than getting stoned, our founders set out to develop functional cannabinoid-infused food and beverage products that alleviated the aches and anxieties of everyday life without tipping people into unwanted intoxication or forcing them to self-identify as “drug users.”

Five years later, our company encompasses three distinct business lines: (1) direct-to-consumer sales of THC-infused edibles in Colorado; (2) business-to-business sales of soluble hemp-derived CBD ingredients to food, beverage, and cosmetic manufacturers; and (3) direct-to-consumer sales of hemp-derived CBD-infused products nationwide

About Stillwater Ingredients
Our ingredients division is the leading provider of soluble cannabinoid ingredients to food, beverage, and cosmetic companies today. We believe that cannabinoids, especially non-psychoactive compounds like CBD, will soon become a major new category of functional food and beverage ingredients to rival probiotics, and we are leading the charge.

About the Job
We are looking for an Account Manager to prospect, develop, and close long-term customers for our ingredients business. This role will run point on all new customer relationships — responding to inquiries, seeking out opportunities, developing relationships, and bringing in our food scientists as needed to ensure a good fit between our capabilities and a customer’s applications. We strongly believe that a good sale for us is a good buy for our customers, and we expect our sales team to live that belief.

To succeed in this role, you must be someone who works well with technical products and documentation. You should be organized, process-oriented, and comfortable saying “I don’t know the answer, but let me find out and get back to you.” And then you should always get back to them. You should probably have at least five years experience working with or selling to medium/large manufacturers in the food, beverage, or cosmetic industries. We believe that sales is a process and that good systems tend to lead to good outcomes, so you should definitely be the type of person who enjoys building systems to support your workflow.

Your responsibilities will include:
• Becoming a subject-matter-expert of our ingredients - with the goal to advise on product applications/usages and consultative sell our portfolio
• Shepherding prospects through the customer development cycle from first contact to first sale
• Qualifying inbound leads and responding to inquiries
• Processing sample requests and customer orders
• Developing and maintaining (or building systems to maintain) CRM records for prospects
• Prospecting for new opportunities wherever they may be
• Identifying trends in prospect/customer preferences and developing recommendations on your findings
• Recognizing and conveying clear descriptions of customer desires, requirements, timelines, and purchase processes
• Working with production to ensure product is developed and sent out in a timely manner
• Executing on our business strategies and achieving identified sales targets
• Spearheading ad hoc sales projects as needed
• Traveling if/as needed to manage and improve customer relationships and sales

What we’ll love about you:
• A process-oriented problem solver who can manage complex situations without panicking
• A team player with a distaste for mercenaries
• An organized, proactive nature that loves building systems and tools
• An emotionally mature adult who prefers to work with other emotionally mature adults
• An inquisitive, curious nature that views ignorance as an opportunity to learn or teach
• A willingness to admit error quickly and move immediately on to improvement
• A clear communicator in any format
• Excellent time management skills

What you’ll love about us:
• A fast-growing company with a deep belief in the value of developing talent internally from within
• A group of sane, most rational executives who try their best to be decent human beings
• An environment where fire drills are the exception, not the norm
• We offer flexible PTO for all full-time employees
• We pay competitive salaries for all roles. For full-time employees, we also cover 100% of your healthcare premium
For more details on the culture we foster, visit:

• Bachelor's degree preferred, but we realize degrees aren’t everything
• At least 5 years experience managing sales in the food, beverage, or cosmetic industries. Bonus points for experience selling ingredients or other complex products. Even more bonus points for experience selling to medium and large organizations
• Excellent with cloud-based CRM systems and Google Suites products.

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