Ripple by Stillwater Brands

Feel the Ripple Effect


THC, Pure & Simple.

Fast, smooth, and perfect.


50% THC. 50% CBD. 100% Functional.

Every parent’s favorite formulation.


The Very Best in Broad-Spectrum Wellness.

You’ve earned some relief. Take it.

Every Ripple Experience Is A Good Experience.


THC, Pure & Simple.
Just go for it. Live life with no regrets.


50% THC. 50% CBD. 100% Functional.
Let loose with the best of both worlds.


The Best Broad-Spectrum CBD.
Kick back and relax. You earned it.

Four new flavors.
All low in sugar.

Enjoy the same Pure consistency you love, in four exciting new flavors for Ripple Gummies—Peach Cherry, Kiwi Apple, Sour Watermelon, and Sour Variety.

Fast Onset

Water-soluble Ripple reaches the bloodstream quickly.

Predictable Peak

Peak absorption at 1 hour, for a consistent experience that lasts.

Steady Off Ramp

No surprises or spikes. Expect the same experience, every time.

Expect a fast and consistent hit. No guessing, no waiting, and no lows here—just a good high, every single time.




I love these! They’re so easy to mix into anything!


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